Thursday, October 25, 2012

TOPSHOP x FASHIONU: A digital soirée for the ages!

Teen Vogue and Topshop partner to bring a night of ambiance to Fashion University students from around the world! Let's take a look back at all the fun last Saturday night!

As Teen Vogue's FashionU closed it's doors after a full day of panels, seminars, and industry guest speakers oh, and of course, stampedes of teenage girls (and boys) sprinting from event to event in their deadliest pair of heels, all 500 fashionista(os) got treated to do a little retail therapy from a whirlwind of a day at an exclusive shopping party hosted by Topshop!

From makeovers, to a custom manicure station, an exclusive live-feed jeopardy style twitter- 
trivia game (filled with loads of Topshop prizes and goodies), a drool worthy candy station (I know, Willy Wonka, who?), and not to mention an exclusive discount, I have say, it was a magical night.  

I totally felt on top of the world for 5.7 seconds, don't judge me.

First of all, can we talk about how ADORABLE these Topshop nail polishes are? They literally have every color you could imagine to treat your cuticles to a little F-TLC (fashionable tender, love, and care), duh. I don't care how insane my nail polish stash is growing in my dorm room, literally they are exploding out of my desk drawers, I had to pick up a few for the train ride back home! Has anyone else come accustom to calling their dorm room, "home"? I cant be the only one. Anyway, so cute and such a steal! They add a little "oomf" to my collection.

Okay boys and girls, now it's time to get down to business. Let's talk about what everyone is really here for, Topshop's fierce-as-ever winter collection! This is a time to descend into perpetuating awe at the overwhelming beauty of these little pieces of heaven, but also a time to bask in your despair as a broke college student who could no where afford every single one of these pieces, as much as my heart desires them. It's a tough world out there, lovelies, and you can't win them all. As I am now finished with my rant, let's move on through and let the clothes do some of the talking.

Are you ready for this? I don't think your ready for this.

Ok, Ok... You're ready. Let's begin with a few of my favorite trend pieces!


Military madness! As big, military, grunge jackets are my must have staple for the fall and winter season, it should be quite predictable that these babies were the first pieces to catch my eye. Not even catch my eye, but literally jump in front of me and knock me off my sky-scraper glitter-flatforms. They are that wonderful. If I could have any item from my night of shopping, it would have been both of these jackets, they are so effortlessly chic and add a whole new dimension to any and every outfit. Personally, I would pair these babies with a formfitting cranberry dress and textured tights, with a pair of patent leather boots for a tough, yet structured look that says, "Oh yeah, I'm tough" and "Oh yeah, I'm looking good!" Speaking of boots, let's move on to another MUST HAVE in everyone's closet...

The notoriously necessary, chunky ankle boots! In the past month, I have bought THREE pairs, yes three of these boots, because I think it's safe to say that I am absolutely obsessed, and that I have major issues. Not to mention, they are are classics that you can tailor to wear all year around. With your tightest skinnys and an over-the-top huge cable knit sweater that won't stay around your shoulders, or a flirty tea-party dress, these bad boys are in fact a basic human right. Or, at least a must have for any human being who wants to call him or herself a fashionista(o). My advice, you need a pair. Grab yourself a neutral pair that will go with everything in your closet, or opt for a gorgeous ox-blood pair with big, golden buckles like the ones above, and make a statement this season! Your choice, either way, you will be making an investment to the fashion gods, for fabulous feet, always. 

Prints, Prints, PRINTS! I am all about me some outrageous prints this season, and forever and always. The crazier, the better! The thing that really drew me towards these pieces were in fact that they are big and bold, but still refined and chicly elegant. Where can you go wrong? This long sleeve body-con and high waisted trousers truly are The Messy Bun style, they are everything you could ever want, all wrapped up in one. They give a modern take to the Marie Antoinette prints and colors, and let's face, just look like a blast to wear! I'll tell you, if I saw a girl walking down the street, working it in either of these looks, I would make sure she was my new bff. It takes someone with a great eye to rock these pieces from Topshop. Challenge accepted. 

To end this post, I just want to send out a ginormous thank you and lot's of love to Topshop for having all of us FashionU students raid your store, and to Teen Vogue especially for putting on a fabulous weekend, to say the absolute least. You will be hearing from me again next fall!

Class dismissed.

To connect with Topshop or to shop any of the pieces:

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