Who Am I?

Hey, Ho! I'm Alexandra.
(aka Alex, Victo, "The Bun", or whatever!)

Living my dream in: New York City
Student at: Fashion Institute of Technology
I call home: Northern Virginia (I've never milked a goat)
Mane of Choice: Do you even have to ask? C'mon now. BUN IT UP!


What is "The Messy Bun" you ask? Let me explain.

Throughout middle and my four years of high school I was always known for one thing: the overly obnoxious, doughnut-shaped, usually lopsided, messy bun that rested atop my head on any given day of the week. “The Bun” as my peers would refer to is as started as a joke but little did I know at the time, would in turn out to define who I am and become a beacon of personal individuality. With my uncontrollable Cuban-Irish mane of hair and eyebrows with a mind of their own to match, it took a long time for me to feel confident in my own skin, but through the many obstacles I have thrived, I have been able to grow to love the person I am, on the inside as well as outside. The Messy Bun, I believe, defines my signature look on top of my head as well as radiates my personal style. The way I like to dress is uncontrollable. One day I will channel my inner flower child in glittery flatforms (no seriously, they are my favorite shoes in the world) and my grandmother's maxi and the next, I’m lacing up my leopard Doc Martens and leather jacket. My style is forever changing, it’s kooky, some days hippy-esque, and others punk rocker. Just look at the bun, it’ll tell you all you need to know. 

WHY FASHION? WHY? Just Simply...

It's where my heart fluttered. It's where I belong. It’s impossible to predict the road I will travel in order to reach my career aspirations in the fashion industry; however, I believe that a tank overflowing with passion, promise to keep going, and a dash of serendipitous spirit led me on the path towards my colorful ambitions. My need to pursue a career in fashion was not a flash-bulb kind of realization but a longing that grew and enveloped me in every way possible until I understood that I could turn something I love so deeply into a life, career, and growing passion. 


My all time favorite word (before wanderlust), enjoy life and be serendipitous.

Detangle me, Unravel me, I'm like nothing you've ever seen before. 

Questions, comments, stories about your weekend, chipped tooth or peanut butter fetish? Email me and we can chat! 

-Alexandra Rivera

*Messy Bun Picture Credit- Right here!