Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey...

 (Cardigan-Free People, Romper- Beacon's Closet, Boots- H&M)

Through the magical realm of Instagram's epicness, I have been able to document some of my favorite outfits these past couple of weeks in lack of my MB presence (my sincerest apologies). I'll tell you one thing, they definitely lie when they say college is "a lot of work"—it's a whole lot of insanity. And to tell you the truth, my life is very much an electrifying shit-show. These past three months since returning to the city have been jam packed with interning, school, exploration, and single moments of pure electricity. It is just so gratifying to feel so lucky and on the verge of crazed-lunacy at the same time, you know? Nothing is ever simple, but as long as you're proud of who you are and the path you want to set for yourself, there can be as many fender-benders as necessary to keep things a little serendipitous. 

Here's a collection of a few snapshots from the ridiculousness that is my world... (and yes, the bun wanted to come out to play).

(Denim Moto Jacket, Pyramid Necklace- F21,  Crochet Crop- Free People)

(Boyfriend Jeans, Zip Booties- UO, Beanie-FP)

(Long sleeve- FP, Skinnies- American Eagle)

(Denim- AE, Skirt- Mango, Socks- FP)

 (Shirt, Denim- Second Hand, Beanie- a box of my brothers' old snow gear, hey!)

(Cardigan- UO, Tee- The Addison Story)

(V-Neck- American Apparel)

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Stay cute.

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