Tuesday, July 31, 2012


HELLO BEAUTIES!!! After my long, unexcused hiatus I would just like to offer my most sincere "i'm sorries" and offer you all paisleys (otherwise known as dead roses) and say i'm back and i'm so happy you're here. To my new readers, here's a person-nal "hey girl, hey!" and lots of smooches, look around and I hope you enjoy what's to come. To my returning readers, welcome back and i'm so happy you've visited again! Let's call this one big happy, family-fashion crazed reunion of fabulous girls and boys. Less do this thang, shall we? 

Guess who couldn't put down her phone for enough time to snap a few pics? I guess Leo just wanted his 15 minutes. Yeah, that's right, my phone has an identity. I can't be the only one who's named her phone, right? right...?

Now that I'm back for good I have some major news to share, there has been a lot that has happened in my personal life thus far but the single greatest thing to ever happen to me on my journey to towards the fashion industry came in a sealed envelope that read me my acceptance to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC!!! Seriously, the most amazing day of my life, thus far. So, as I prepare to leave for the city in a mere 17 DAYS I have been putting all my creative fashion spirits into my Teen Vogue Fashion University application which if I am accepted for will mean spending an entire weekend with some of amazing individuals of the fashion industry including the Teen Vogue Editorial Team and speakers such as Vogue's Creative Directior, GRACE CODDINGTON and PATRICIA FIELD. Good lord, I might just die of excitement! If not a heart attack. But in the midst of snapping pics for my app, I decided what a perfect time to show you all some love, some permanent love from now on. ;)  

This little number and I fell madly in love this summer in the beauty of the city that is Madrid, Spain. I would just like to thank Topshop for introducing us. With the beauty of the water color details to the woven texture that into the flowey field of cottoney comfort, it's both constructive sheek and versatile perfection. I've never felt more like a flower child and a milkmaid all at once. 

Cropped Top- Topshop
Neon Jeggings- AE
Booties- Ecote (Urban Outfitters)
Dead 18th Birthday Roses- As themselves