Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pep in that Holiday Step!!

Till next time Christmas, It's been solid. 

Now that the holidays have come and said their happiest goodbyes, some of us (not I, mother goose) may find ourselves in a post-celebration slump. For me, that means laying around in my favorite holiday dresses and beanies looking painfully lost, stuffing my face with leftover macaroons, and drowning myself in a playlist entitled, "post-apocolyptic make-out session", whilst trying to focus on the ever-so-fashionable life of Grace herself, and just downright doing nothing productive towards my outfit choices. It's a sad reality. Now, your probably asking yourself...

 how can I style that simple dress that I've been finding myself going back to everyday as you try and look springy as it pours ice outside? 

Have no fear, I'm here, darlings! I come bearing a few of my favorite ways to style something as simple as a plain red dress that I will undoubtedly be prancing around the city in with some strappy sandals and a fedora this spring, and style it up for the winter months. I'm all about a few things this season, beanies and head wraps, mixing prints, and layers, layers, layers!!! Because, you can never have enough to keep you cute and keep you happy through the cold and  post-holiday weight gain, because let's be realistic, while we all will be hitting the gym this next week, let's just embrace our new found pooches until bathing suit season comes around, shall we?

Outfit #1-Aztec, meet aztec, and oh look, more aztec!

Outfit #2- When school girl Blair Waldorf meets Pirate Jane!

Outfit 1-
Red Dress- Free People
Aztec Print Cardigan- UO
Chambray Shirt- American Eagle
Turban- FP
Moto Boots- Dolce Vita

Outfit 2-
Red Dress- Free People
Striped Shirt- FP
Beanie- FP
Pyramid Necklace- F21

From the bottom of my heart I hope all of you had a glorious holiday season! 

My resolution for the new year is to blog even more and keep my promise to keep on keeping on with my busy school and work schedule, but I promise I will! From Northern VA, to all of you where ever you are, let's get ready for a even more kick-ass 2013!

Have an amazing new years, my lovelies.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Find light in the beautiful sea

Happy Holidays, beauties! Sad to admit its been over a month since I last posted, but in my defense its been a busy couple of weeks! Finals, and work, and more work, oh my! But now, I am back home in Virginia, sitting on my back porch watching the stars and taking a minute to appreciate the silence and serenity of suburban life. Snaps for nature!! This past week has given me the opportunity to really take notice of the things around me and bask in their beauty, and while I love home, there is still a hole in my heart longing for New York, but hey, this is my vacation, and i'll enjoy all 20 pounds i'm looking forward to gaining (hello, open fridge!!!)

In the mean time, enjoy some photos that I've pulled and dragged into a desktop folder entitled, "unique mashup," because whether I'm writing, blogging, or stuffing my face with macaroni and cheese, everyone could use a little inspiration.

From my mind, to yours. 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

SANTA BABY, Deliver me a man...

It's almost the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year, ya no?

 The strangest thing happened the other day, my dad texted me, "what's on your
xmas list?" Just a tad confused, I wasn't sure if it was normal or just plain pathetic for college [not so much] "adults" to still compile a Christmas (or which ever holiday you may be celebrating, kudos!) list. For a split second I questioned the tradition, shouldn't I be over having a list? I mean, who do I think I am, Eloise? Eighteen or eight, however, I decided, it's tradition for holy saint Nick's sake! Get your shit together. So, here ya go. A not so much "Christmas list" but a collage of some things I will be wishing for under the tree this year, and there will hopefully be a man that looks a hell of a lot like Joseph Gordon Levitt, but I guess that should go in a list to the Gods, Santa isn't a miracle worker. 

So, here it is. 8 things I'll be thinking about until December 25th. Just a note though, it's so much more fun shopping for the besties, the family, and the roommates, duh!

1. SNOW!!!
Like everyone, I too will be dreaming of a monstrously, white Christmas. There can never be enough snow for my liking, just hopefully not so apocalyptic.

2. Supreme Camo Beanie
The winter months are the time I LIVE in my beanies. Literally, my most favorite beanie from Free People is atop my head I'd say about 10 days a week, yes, you heard me right. *See here, here, oh and here too.* So, I really want to expand my beanie-horizon and pick up this baby to make me feel extra gangsta inside and out. 
Sadly, it's currently sold out, however, Supreme has some other amazingness, right here!

3. Free People Lace Bra
Okay, if there is one piece of lingerie in my drawer that I absolutely am in love with, it is this lace bra. Now, all I want is it in every color!!! Sorry, it makes me feel so giddy to think about. 

4. Marc by March Jacobs Fran Bag
Now, the one practical thing on my wishlist. I understand, the most obnoxious, but I am an avid believer that invest in one amazing bag, and it will last you a lifetime and basically pay for itself. So there you go, Mr. Jacobs knows what he's doing, and you will be mine this year, beautiful.

5. A Boyfriend of my very own
Ok, ok, ok... I know, just let me be pathetic for just one second. Every single year this goes on my new year's (never gonna happen) resolutions list, and luck is never a hot guy, so I figured Santa might bring me so love-beans this holiday season, maybe? Probably not. Hopefully, in the form of a Brooklyn boy.

6. Black High Top Converse
Classics, and so necessary. I think it's about time I threw mine away, although I must say they've lasted me a solid five years. My lowtops got me through high school, but it's time to raise the bar, I mean, this is college for heaven's sake.

7. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Because, obviously. 

8. A Personalized Fashion Illustration
This is just a personal thing, anyone can take a quick instagram selfie, and trust me, I do, but there is something so captivating and unique about having a one of a kind painting of yourself to keep forever. I really would love one, but if not this year, I'm sure I could bribe my artsy roommate to make my little dream come true, because everyone likes cookies, I'll get on that. 

There you have it, folks! A completely random list of some things that would make me smile this holiday season, but even without any of these things the best gift will be going home for an entire month and getting some much needed rest and relaxation away from the city, which I'm sure will only last about a week till I miss the big N-Y-C, but we'll play it by ear.

Now the big question, what is on YOUR holiday wishlists this year? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you guys!


Sunday, November 11, 2012


Photographed by ANNIE LEIBOVITZ

If you know anything about me besides my obsessive love for a well-spun top knot, than you know of the monstrous space in my heart reserved for the mesmerizing pages of my favorite fashion magazines. It will never seize to amaze me how a well-written piece can keep your mind reeling or a beautiful editorial can leave you in a drooling gaze for hours. It's like a drug, only more powerful. Every month I cannot wait another second for the mail man to pour my load of magazines into my microscopic mailbox. Now, of course once I wrestle with the old lock and break a sweat, or five trying to pull them all out into my arms, I'd say the vast majority of the ten or so are crinkled, bent, or torn but, they are here, they are mine. After months of planning, writing, shooting, and editing the blood, sweat, and tears all all of the editors, photographers, writers, and creative geniuses is finally at my doorstep, waiting for me to rip them open and feed my fashion-appetite. It's quite a beautiful thing, really.  With that being said, my all time favorite editorial spread that I want to share with all of you comes straight from American Vogue, the December 2003 issue. It tells the story of Alice's journey in Wonderland, with a full cast of fashion influentials and legends as the lead characters, from Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Donatella Versace. Pure genius, I'm aware. And of course, it just wouldn't be complete without a little Lagerfeld action, yes, you know who I'm talking about, Sir Karl himself. Or John Galliano as the Queen of Hearts, ridiculous yet so necessary.

Take a look, just make sure you have something to catch your drool, you'll need it. Trust me.

 Don't you just wanna go lay in a pasture in a couture now? I feel ya, damn you bipolar winter, damn you.

 What I would do to get my hands on this issue. You will be in my hands one day. One day, very soon, I'm sure of it. C'mon ebay, work your wonders baby.

Stay sweet, and stay warm for goodness sake!

All photo credit from TrendLand- right here!

Monday, November 5, 2012


As the temperature drops, and the layers start to pile on (beanies, and scarves, and earmuffs, oh my!) I put on my springiest dresses and top-hat and enjoyed one last high tea of the fall season with my best girls at the most whimsical tea party on the Upper West Side.

I will share a little secret, if your craving an afternoon snack or your feeling fancy hit up Alice's Tea Cup for tea and dessert! This place is my favorite little hidden gem in the city (thus far) and will deliver a wonderland of dreams in the form of enormous, delectable scones and a million and one tea flavors that will make your heart melt.

Picture this... a delicious mix of black and green tea, jasmine, and lavender. Can you say heaven in a kettle?

Pinky's out. Or not.

To all my readers, meet my ever so lovely roommate and personal photographer, Victoria. We both share a love of horror movies, chinese takeout, rocker downtown boys, and tea parties. Ya dig?


I was totally NOT freezing in 50 mph winds, and I definitely did not lose my hat at least twice, okay?

Kids, always look both ways before you cross the street. Don't think cabs will stop for a photo shoot in session, they won't. They honk, and floor it. RUDE!

How beautiful are these Autumn decorations? We decided that when we can afford to split rent in an  NYC town-home, it will totally look like just like this! So festive and fun! But for now, we will work on decorating our dorm apartment.

On Victoria:
Floral Dress- Trash and Vaudeville
Black Pea Coat- New York & Company
Boots- Steve Madden

My Outfit:
Polka Dot High/Low Dress- TJ MAXX
Faux Denim Moto Jacket- F21
Black Booties- Urban Outfitters
Quilted Bag- Betsey Johnson (stolen from Vic!)
Top Hat- H&M (also stolen from Vic, tehe.)

Stay warm, lovelies!
Make sure to layer up when you go outside (unlike I... *sniff* *cough*)


Saturday, November 3, 2012


Now that Sandy's wrath has come and passed, it's time to build back up what she has left behind...

As homes are being returned to power, grocery stores are being restocked, and life is slowly starting to get back to normal for the lucky amongst us all on the east coast, there are still so many left with the reality of detriment that Sandy left behind to our trains, homes, lives, and spirits. This is the time to be self-less and keep on keeping on to help each other during this rough time. 

There is so much you can do, help your neighbors, help your friends, help those you may have never met that are in need of a clean-up or simply someone to be there. 

As an avid, 90's alternative rock junkie, Blink-182 is still, and will always be the greatest band in the entire world in my eyes so this afternoon I was tweeted a link to a blink t-shirt fundraiser that will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the American Red Cross to help hurricane victims up and down the East Coast. So, if you have the funds, they're only a near $20 each, stock up on some "East Coast Pride" Blink tee's for yourself and your friends. 

All Blink-182 t-shirts can be purchased here and you can feel good that what ever part of the world you are living in, you have given to help those that are trying to make due during these trying times.

Don't want a tee?

Here's the link to the American Red Cross webpage where you can donate what you can to help those persoanlly victimized by Hurricane Sandy. Also, Should you wish to, you can simply text REDCROSS to the number 90999 to donate on the go.

Thanks so much everyone!
All my love to those who continue to move forward.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

TOPSHOP x FASHIONU: A digital soirée for the ages!

Teen Vogue and Topshop partner to bring a night of ambiance to Fashion University students from around the world! Let's take a look back at all the fun last Saturday night!

As Teen Vogue's FashionU closed it's doors after a full day of panels, seminars, and industry guest speakers oh, and of course, stampedes of teenage girls (and boys) sprinting from event to event in their deadliest pair of heels, all 500 fashionista(os) got treated to do a little retail therapy from a whirlwind of a day at an exclusive shopping party hosted by Topshop!

From makeovers, to a custom manicure station, an exclusive live-feed jeopardy style twitter- 
trivia game (filled with loads of Topshop prizes and goodies), a drool worthy candy station (I know, Willy Wonka, who?), and not to mention an exclusive discount, I have say, it was a magical night.  

I totally felt on top of the world for 5.7 seconds, don't judge me.

First of all, can we talk about how ADORABLE these Topshop nail polishes are? They literally have every color you could imagine to treat your cuticles to a little F-TLC (fashionable tender, love, and care), duh. I don't care how insane my nail polish stash is growing in my dorm room, literally they are exploding out of my desk drawers, I had to pick up a few for the train ride back home! Has anyone else come accustom to calling their dorm room, "home"? I cant be the only one. Anyway, so cute and such a steal! They add a little "oomf" to my collection.

Okay boys and girls, now it's time to get down to business. Let's talk about what everyone is really here for, Topshop's fierce-as-ever winter collection! This is a time to descend into perpetuating awe at the overwhelming beauty of these little pieces of heaven, but also a time to bask in your despair as a broke college student who could no where afford every single one of these pieces, as much as my heart desires them. It's a tough world out there, lovelies, and you can't win them all. As I am now finished with my rant, let's move on through and let the clothes do some of the talking.

Are you ready for this? I don't think your ready for this.

Ok, Ok... You're ready. Let's begin with a few of my favorite trend pieces!


Military madness! As big, military, grunge jackets are my must have staple for the fall and winter season, it should be quite predictable that these babies were the first pieces to catch my eye. Not even catch my eye, but literally jump in front of me and knock me off my sky-scraper glitter-flatforms. They are that wonderful. If I could have any item from my night of shopping, it would have been both of these jackets, they are so effortlessly chic and add a whole new dimension to any and every outfit. Personally, I would pair these babies with a formfitting cranberry dress and textured tights, with a pair of patent leather boots for a tough, yet structured look that says, "Oh yeah, I'm tough" and "Oh yeah, I'm looking good!" Speaking of boots, let's move on to another MUST HAVE in everyone's closet...

The notoriously necessary, chunky ankle boots! In the past month, I have bought THREE pairs, yes three of these boots, because I think it's safe to say that I am absolutely obsessed, and that I have major issues. Not to mention, they are are classics that you can tailor to wear all year around. With your tightest skinnys and an over-the-top huge cable knit sweater that won't stay around your shoulders, or a flirty tea-party dress, these bad boys are in fact a basic human right. Or, at least a must have for any human being who wants to call him or herself a fashionista(o). My advice, you need a pair. Grab yourself a neutral pair that will go with everything in your closet, or opt for a gorgeous ox-blood pair with big, golden buckles like the ones above, and make a statement this season! Your choice, either way, you will be making an investment to the fashion gods, for fabulous feet, always. 

Prints, Prints, PRINTS! I am all about me some outrageous prints this season, and forever and always. The crazier, the better! The thing that really drew me towards these pieces were in fact that they are big and bold, but still refined and chicly elegant. Where can you go wrong? This long sleeve body-con and high waisted trousers truly are The Messy Bun style, they are everything you could ever want, all wrapped up in one. They give a modern take to the Marie Antoinette prints and colors, and let's face, just look like a blast to wear! I'll tell you, if I saw a girl walking down the street, working it in either of these looks, I would make sure she was my new bff. It takes someone with a great eye to rock these pieces from Topshop. Challenge accepted. 

To end this post, I just want to send out a ginormous thank you and lot's of love to Topshop for having all of us FashionU students raid your store, and to Teen Vogue especially for putting on a fabulous weekend, to say the absolute least. You will be hearing from me again next fall!

Class dismissed.

To connect with Topshop or to shop any of the pieces:

For more info on Teen Vogue Fashion U: