Thursday, March 28, 2013

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Not Your Typical British "Boy Band"

...That's for sure. While they are no One Direction (praise mary!), Various Cruelties, stand on their own platform well beyond the realm of mediocre sing alongs. Hailing all the way from London, these lads have created a sound that is all their own, which they describe as a "mod, goth, pop incarnation," with a little Motown flare, or what I refer to as damn good music . Like a good majority of their American fans, there single "If It Wasn't For You" first struck a note with me during a commercial break for Zales. As I ran to the kitchen to get more Flaming Hot Cheetos, I was struck by a few perfect verses coming from my television speakers. Of course, I did what any normal, Generation Y, music junkie would do— I Shazam'd. Obviously. And that is where our story begins... 

After this mind-altering epiphany, I went straight to iTunes to download their self-titled album (as I suggest you do, right now!) and I'll tell you it's not everyday I find myself loving track after track on a single album, but Various Cruelties is the exception. No lie when I tell you, I spent my entire winter break with these guys on repeat. It only took me five nights of singing these songs in the shower, that I learned every word. They're contagious in the most magnetic way. A few more of my favorites are "Beautiful Delirium", "Dry Your Tears", "Neon Truth" and their Ian Brown cover of "F.E.A.R." Just give them a listen, and I know you'll be as hooked as I am. 

I got the chance to see them live at Webster Hall in New York just last month with my best friend, and to say they were epic would be an understatement. Every note, every verse, every second was perfect. It was as if the crowd was watching and hearing the music unfold in front of their eyes; it was electric. To share the night with such an intimate, loyal crowd of fans was the best part. Mark my words, these guys will be playing Madison Square Garden one day soon, this is only the beginning. 

Not only are the guys (from left to right Dean, Beanie, Liam, and Adam) so incredible at making music but are just as equally amazing in person! Thank you so much for making New York one of your first US shows! Oh and sorry to Adam, my drunk photographer could barely hold himself up, let alone my phone. 

See you next month in DC at Jammin Java!

Make sure to check out the Various Cruelties' facebook page, follow them on twitter @v_cruelties, and check them out on their US tour this April/May (dates/tickets here). You won't regret it.

I love you, I do.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hey, Hey, Hey...

 (Cardigan-Free People, Romper- Beacon's Closet, Boots- H&M)

Through the magical realm of Instagram's epicness, I have been able to document some of my favorite outfits these past couple of weeks in lack of my MB presence (my sincerest apologies). I'll tell you one thing, they definitely lie when they say college is "a lot of work"—it's a whole lot of insanity. And to tell you the truth, my life is very much an electrifying shit-show. These past three months since returning to the city have been jam packed with interning, school, exploration, and single moments of pure electricity. It is just so gratifying to feel so lucky and on the verge of crazed-lunacy at the same time, you know? Nothing is ever simple, but as long as you're proud of who you are and the path you want to set for yourself, there can be as many fender-benders as necessary to keep things a little serendipitous. 

Here's a collection of a few snapshots from the ridiculousness that is my world... (and yes, the bun wanted to come out to play).

(Denim Moto Jacket, Pyramid Necklace- F21,  Crochet Crop- Free People)

(Boyfriend Jeans, Zip Booties- UO, Beanie-FP)

(Long sleeve- FP, Skinnies- American Eagle)

(Denim- AE, Skirt- Mango, Socks- FP)

 (Shirt, Denim- Second Hand, Beanie- a box of my brothers' old snow gear, hey!)

(Cardigan- UO, Tee- The Addison Story)

(V-Neck- American Apparel)

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Stay cute.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Concert Review: Mumford and Sons!

Check out my Mumford & Sons concert review on the Fashion Institute of Technology's student run newspaper, W27! Check it out and read all of the news right here!

Brooklyn was taken over Wednesday night by thousands of music junkies who made their way to the sold out Barclays Center arena to bask in the melodies of folk-rock fellas, Mumford & Sons. The night began as British singer-songwriter, Ben Howardserenaded the packed crowd with soft folk melodies on his acoustic guitar, and New York natives, The Felice Brothers (who are in fact all brothers) got the festivities started with a country/folk-rock set full of fierce violin solos and the distinct accordion melody that led the group through till the end. An hour after the opening acts performed, fans were becoming anxious to rock out as they awaited the arrival of the boys they came to see. It was finally time. The lights went dead and a faint drumming was heard tapping in perfect rhythm as the cobalt curtain went spinning into thin air—the show had begun.

The beat and screams grew strong as the masters-of-all-instruments Mumford & Sons, made up of lead vocalist Marcus Mumford, who also dabbles in the guitar, drums and mandolin, Ben Lovett (keyboard, accordion, drums), Winston Marshall (banjo, guitar, resonator guitar) and Ted Dwane (string bass, guitar, drums) lit up the stage with their sophomore album-titled hit, “Babel.” As the band belted out song after song, lead singer Mumford took the time mid-set to talk to the crowd, “you know last night we were in Boston…” and as the audience’s boos roared through the room, “let’s see if you all can one-up them tonight.” In that moment the room’s energy hit an all-time peak with chaotically synchronized jumping from the entire arena as the band stomped into the chart topper, “Little Lion Man.” The stage was illuminated by hanging rows of stringed light bulbs which lit up the faces of the band as they belted out genius lyric after perfectly played note, and the passion held in each of their individual voices carried the show forward.

The set slowed down as the band played their carefully perfected song, “Ghosts That We Knew,” and a close up of Mumford filled the big-screen above the stage. As a bead of sweat dripped from his forehead and the wrinkles there appeared and disappeared, the room was silenced as it listened to the beauty behind the carefully crafted lyrics.

Through the passion the band exerted throughout the night, the aura of the room was kept lighthearted and friendly as Mumford bantered on, “You know, I have one friend from New York.” As the crowd waited for the rest of the story, he continued, “and that’s really it” and segued into the next trumpet induced melody. By this point, fans from the floor all the way up to the nosebleeds were jumping atop their chairs, swaying their arms into everyone else’s personal space, and feeling the effects of a little too much to drink combined with dosey doe induced sing-alongs; it was clear that everyone in the room was having the time of their lives through the raw power of Mumford & Sons incredible performance.

The show came to an end with a surprise encore as the band appeared across the arena atop a small square platform and together with one microphone performed “Lovers’ Eyes” acapella in a near beautiful, absolutely silent few moments of pure perfection. The double encore began back on the main stage as the band moved in slow anticipation of the final song, “The Cave” off their first album, Sigh No More, but before the night ended on an incredible note, Marshall asked, “Do you all like Jay-Z?” and to his question came the clear answer, no one compares to the raw talent and sheer power that is Mumford & Sons.

Mumford & Sons will be performing a second show at the Barclays Center on Tuesday, February 12, at 8:00 pm.

I hope you enjoyed my review of the night, lovelies!
Do you like these new music posts? I wanted to include some concert reviews on my blog because as well as fashion, music is a huge part of my soul and journalism is a growing passion I hope to continue.
Want more of these posts? Let me know!
Mumford & Sons and Fun. are two of my favorite bands, and I have more music-filled posts to come this month including two more of my favorite groups right now, Various Cruelties and Imagine Dragons! I guess you can call February, the month of concerts because well, it is! Four and counting ain't bad, eh?

Till next time.