Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pep in that Holiday Step!!

Till next time Christmas, It's been solid. 

Now that the holidays have come and said their happiest goodbyes, some of us (not I, mother goose) may find ourselves in a post-celebration slump. For me, that means laying around in my favorite holiday dresses and beanies looking painfully lost, stuffing my face with leftover macaroons, and drowning myself in a playlist entitled, "post-apocolyptic make-out session", whilst trying to focus on the ever-so-fashionable life of Grace herself, and just downright doing nothing productive towards my outfit choices. It's a sad reality. Now, your probably asking yourself...

 how can I style that simple dress that I've been finding myself going back to everyday as you try and look springy as it pours ice outside? 

Have no fear, I'm here, darlings! I come bearing a few of my favorite ways to style something as simple as a plain red dress that I will undoubtedly be prancing around the city in with some strappy sandals and a fedora this spring, and style it up for the winter months. I'm all about a few things this season, beanies and head wraps, mixing prints, and layers, layers, layers!!! Because, you can never have enough to keep you cute and keep you happy through the cold and  post-holiday weight gain, because let's be realistic, while we all will be hitting the gym this next week, let's just embrace our new found pooches until bathing suit season comes around, shall we?

Outfit #1-Aztec, meet aztec, and oh look, more aztec!

Outfit #2- When school girl Blair Waldorf meets Pirate Jane!

Outfit 1-
Red Dress- Free People
Aztec Print Cardigan- UO
Chambray Shirt- American Eagle
Turban- FP
Moto Boots- Dolce Vita

Outfit 2-
Red Dress- Free People
Striped Shirt- FP
Beanie- FP
Pyramid Necklace- F21

From the bottom of my heart I hope all of you had a glorious holiday season! 

My resolution for the new year is to blog even more and keep my promise to keep on keeping on with my busy school and work schedule, but I promise I will! From Northern VA, to all of you where ever you are, let's get ready for a even more kick-ass 2013!

Have an amazing new years, my lovelies.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Find light in the beautiful sea

Happy Holidays, beauties! Sad to admit its been over a month since I last posted, but in my defense its been a busy couple of weeks! Finals, and work, and more work, oh my! But now, I am back home in Virginia, sitting on my back porch watching the stars and taking a minute to appreciate the silence and serenity of suburban life. Snaps for nature!! This past week has given me the opportunity to really take notice of the things around me and bask in their beauty, and while I love home, there is still a hole in my heart longing for New York, but hey, this is my vacation, and i'll enjoy all 20 pounds i'm looking forward to gaining (hello, open fridge!!!)

In the mean time, enjoy some photos that I've pulled and dragged into a desktop folder entitled, "unique mashup," because whether I'm writing, blogging, or stuffing my face with macaroni and cheese, everyone could use a little inspiration.

From my mind, to yours.