Saturday, February 25, 2012


In the midst of this bipolar weather time of year, the sun has been beautifully shining… while the wind has been fiercely whipping over everything in its path. Trying to find the proper outfit to not freeze has been quite a challenge when from the window it looks like a beachy summer day, and you wanna break out your bootay shorts, but reality hits you and you come to realize you should have reached for gloves and a scarf! To end my tangent, I should probably just get to the point and talk about this outfit I spent the afternoon running (not literally, I mean look at that heel) around in. 

Today was definitely the perfect day for layering, so I decided instead of confining myself in a huge jacket I'd give up a little warmth for the love of my outfit. A little give and a little take, for the sake of fashion. I'm not a big fan of fur to be honest, but I gotta admit I can get down to a faux vest every now and then, especially with the extra, extra soft collar! So fuzzy and I love the way it tickles my neck; let's just keep that between us. shhh…


xoxo, Alexandra Victoria

Thursday, February 23, 2012

MY LIFE via Instagram…

There is so much beauty in my life, I feel so blessed.
Check out my all time favorite song by fun, Some Nights. It's pure genius. This band is magic.

All you iPhone users: @ayyorivera

xoxo, Alexandra Victoria


Excuse my incapability to open my eyelids any wider, it was quite sunny out. :)

Oh, Sky... Quit making me laugh. Shame on you, clouds, shame on you. 

These photos were taken of one of my best friends, Luke Hartman, and myself for our school yearbook. We got voted "Best Dressed" for our Senior Class, pretty cool right? I was actually really excited to take these photos cause I mean it's not every day we get to pose like cheese balls, while having to "stare deeply into each other's eyes" Teehee. Yes, that picture does not and will not appear on here, but it did made me giggle. This guy above is one of my biggest cheerleaders and voices in my ear of encouragement and assurance whenever it comes to putting outfits together. We have very different tastes most days but we have learned to just accept what ever crazy thing the other comes across. I love him for that, and I'm glad I got to post about him so early in my blog's adolescence because he is undeniably amazing. Watch out for him in the near future as he is an aspiring fashion journalist and will sure in the very near future be an renowned editor. Look out world, Luke and I are comin' for you! 

This outfit was inspired by an urge of an equestrian meets glitterini-bohemian kind-of feeling. I knew some of these pictures I would be showing my kids in the (not so near) future as we flipped through my high school days, and so I knew I had to embody the core of what I believe my personal style truly is: an airy, free feeling mixed with a few edgier pieces, and finally a dash of avant-garde beauty. By that last ingredient I mean the ultra-fabulous glitter flatforms that I cam across for a cheap steal! Not only are they super comfortable but they give me an extra four-inches, I mean what's better than that? 


All photos taken by the incredibly talented photographer, Erin Williams. 

xoxo, Alexandra Victoria

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


A little personalization…
Just look past my chipped finger nails… tehehe.
Studs are a girl's best friend.
I have quite a lot of hair…


This look was inspired as I was looking through old pictures of my daddy and I came across one of him wearing this exact jacket in as he was alongside one of his airplanes preparing for Vietnam. I wanted to incorporate a classic military-chic piece with my modern obsession with glitter and metallic, alongside some studded flats. I have received multiple comments today of the origin of the Air Force jacket hanging in all the wrong (but oh so right) places, as it is about three sizes too big. These questions almost entirely consisted of, where'd she get that? Well, today felt special because I know this piece is one of a kind, embodying the heroism and strength of the man I love more than anyone each day. This piece is a statement of my personal love for Army Green and the spirit of the past, a connection to my father. What could be better on a not-so-typical monday morning? 

xoxo, Alexandra Victoria 

Monday, February 20, 2012


It's nice to meet you, my name is Alexandra and I am a seventeen year-old student currently inhabiting a place commonly referred to as the Mixing Bowl, located just outside Washington, DC. It's far enough away from the city to be labeled; Suburbia. I have passions for many things in my life; my family, close friends, music, traveling the world, and the occasional (but not so rarely) hot dog or piece of general tso's chicken. However, the one thing that keeps me sane (and reassuringly insane) is fashion, and all its branches and leaves. I dream of making my love for this beacon of light and life into a career in the very near future, and am currently wishing, praying, and chanting to multiple Gods for my acceptance letter to the Fashion Institute of Technology in the next couple months. 

I decided to start this blog, "MESSY BUN," as a way for me to keep track of my avant-garde outfit combinations and to create a way for others to hopefully gain inspiration from the clothing and shoes that inhabit the mineshaft I call a closet, but most entirely my bedroom floor. Just a note, don't be alarmed If I throw in some adventitious posts from time to time, including, but not limited to some diy love, song/album obsessions, or just sparse random somethings that won't leave my mind.  

I am most well known among those around me by my thick, unruly, and most days curl-licious mane of hair that often sheds and on not-so-rare occurrences tends slaps those in at least a ten foot proximity across the face. A trademark of mine has been my legendary messy bun that I use to work on a day to day basis until I found my dream hair moisturizer that tames the beast (Thank you, Lush R&B). "The Bun" as those around me closely refer to me as, is who I am, it embodies my personality and how I aspire to live my life: big, crazy, and well, a little MESSY. <3

Now, alongside a certain constant craving for studs, scalloped hemlines, neon, and Doc Martens, I also fancy the not-so-occasional leopard print, well anything, really. Now before you decide to judge, I am not a crazy cat lady yet, I just love me some furocious statement pieces. I have many interests and aspirations including, but not limited to: moving to New York City, learning to long board, break into the Fashion Industry, fall in love, and meet Mark Hoppus (of blink-182, if you don't know him… shame on you), alongside many others. I live life for the simple reason to laugh, be happy, and experience new things every single day.  
There you have it folks, a somewhat short yet informative piece of introduction of what you may be getting yourself into if you just so happen to like what you see thus far.  There will be much, much more to come. Stay tuned. 

xoxo, Alexandra Victoria