Sunday, September 30, 2012


As I lay on my bed on this groggy Sunday morning, Mrs. Doubtfire is playing in the background and I can't help but notice the sun out stretching the grey clouds above the concrete jungle I call my home in the city. You know what I can't help but think at this moment? Man, that would make a darn good instagram shot, especially with a nice X-Pro II touch, I would have "photography" gold. But truly, isn't that why we love Instagram so much? Because of the ability we hold in our hand, back pocket, or outrageously chic bag to create magic in moments we snap with our cell phones? I think so. So while I contemplate snapping the not-so-original sky picture and share it with my 193 followers, I decide to instead use this moment to shamelessly promote my insta-feed pictures (@ayyorivera, look me up, wink-wink, double wink) and to share some snapshots of a few of my favorite outfits, adventures, and places in these past few weeks in the city. Enjoy, lovelies!

Oh! While we are on the subject of Instagram magic and the even more whimsical filters, head over to possibly one of my favorite human beings on this planet, Leandra Medine aka The Man Repeller's, post all about what your filter of choice says about you, right here! I know you'll love it AND her as much as I do. Have a restfully lazy Sunday, enjoy a hot cup of tea and a good movie for all of us still in our pajamas on this beautiful afternoon.

Just yesterday, my good friend from back home came to my city and he got the extensive tour from Central Park, Times Square, Midtown, Downtown, and everywhere in between! I made sure to take him to my all time favorite spot in Manhattan, the Highline Park. A true gem. OH, and we totally didn't plan our denim color-scheme, we're just that good.

Wayfarers- Ray Ban
Denim Moto Jacket- XXI

Another photo snapped while admiring the wildlife at the Highline. Who knew leaves had such a dry sense of humor? They need a good watering. *Ba-Doom-Ching*. 

Sweater & Lace Shorts- Free People

A personal favorite outfit on my way to class last week! It's finally Autumn outside!!! Who else loves a good beanie, chunky sweater, levi shorts combo?

Beanie- Free People
Sweater- Urban Outfitters
Shorts- Liz Claiborne
Booties- Ecote for Urban Outfitters.

A peak at my all time favorite shoes! Because every girl needs a pair of glitterized flatforms (auto correct definitely just changed it to flatworms, just fyi) in their closet, you know what I'm saying?

Beautiful lights shining down in Free People Rock Center, how gorgeous are these? I want them in my apartment, right now!

Last but not least, my beautiful sister and I enjoying the beauty that is New York City. This girl is everything, I cannot even begin to explain. <3

Friday, September 21, 2012


(Photo Credit: iCapture Photography)

HELLO, NEW YORK! The past month or so has been a whirl wind of new experiences and has given me a chance to truly appreciate how blessed I am to be living here and that I need to continue taking advantage of all the opportunities waiting for me. A lot has been coming my way recently, and can I just say that my life has never been this fast paced or hectically wonderful as it is living and going to school here but truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, I'm craving more and more! But let's slow down the pace here and I'll share with you all just some of the things I have been all revved up for during my time here so far. So here is a not-so-intimate list of just some of my most memorable moments sense living in NYC: I've Uptown Girl'd my way to Coney Island where I indulged in Nathan's hot dogs and chili cheese fries, floated away to dreamland during Fashion's Night Out, watched a few rockin' 80s classics atop the famous Highline, channeled my inner-artsy-fartsy student at the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Met (where I definitely rubbed my chin for a few seconds and stared deeply into each of the work's souls), spent my hard-earned allowance during a few drool-worthy sample sales, worked my first ever New York Fashion Week, and enjoyed coffee in Greenwich Village with Mr. Kutcher and Miss. Kunis (yes, I mean Ashton and The Black Swan), no really!

I wanted to share a few pictures with all of you of all the fun that's been had!

 (Photo taken by the beautiful staff at Free People-Rockefeller Center)

How MAJOR are these masks? FNO at Free People was whimsically magical!

So, my roommate definitely dragged me up there on one of the swinging cars! I may have wet myself... but, that's just too much information for me to share. 


The rocks on the Coney Island beach were the perfect place to watch the sun set (and to freeze to death!)

 (Photo Credit for Coney Island pictures- My beautiful roommate Victoria D'Esposito)


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Sunday, September 9, 2012


Tuesday morning. It's 9:00am. I am coffee deprived & wide-eyed as I listen patiently to the voice of my professor who is unconsciously aware of the state of wonderland he is sending me back into. Fiddling around with the keyboard, I subconsciously find my way to check my email to look forward to all the mail I don't have until I see it in capital, bold letterhead, CONGRATULATIONS. Now, normally that subject line would head straight for the junk mail as it usually leads down the crushed hopes of a iPad 10 that I have won or learning about a dead relative who has left me an African fortune, but not this one. This one was major; this one was from Teen Vogue. Fashion University had accepted me, HOLY CRAP. In the midst of a room full of classmates I have known for little over one week, there was no one to share my excitement with for the duration of the next three hours but hey, my inner future-fashion-editor was dancing around her office, throwing papers in the air, and blasting "I'm walking on sunshine!!" through her jukebox app. It was news; it was THE news. The first step, well technically the second MAJOR step (as I consider FIT the first), towards defining my future in this industry. This was it; this is IT. Now if you'll excuse me I have a closet to attend to, as I only have two months to find outfit perfection, a blink of an eye in fashion time. 

Check out the official Teen Vogue FashionU website here for all the dets!

(A few photographs taken for my Teen Vogue FashionU application)

Hello Gorgeous, I'll be seeing you this fall!

Alexandra Victoria