Sunday, September 9, 2012


Tuesday morning. It's 9:00am. I am coffee deprived & wide-eyed as I listen patiently to the voice of my professor who is unconsciously aware of the state of wonderland he is sending me back into. Fiddling around with the keyboard, I subconsciously find my way to check my email to look forward to all the mail I don't have until I see it in capital, bold letterhead, CONGRATULATIONS. Now, normally that subject line would head straight for the junk mail as it usually leads down the crushed hopes of a iPad 10 that I have won or learning about a dead relative who has left me an African fortune, but not this one. This one was major; this one was from Teen Vogue. Fashion University had accepted me, HOLY CRAP. In the midst of a room full of classmates I have known for little over one week, there was no one to share my excitement with for the duration of the next three hours but hey, my inner future-fashion-editor was dancing around her office, throwing papers in the air, and blasting "I'm walking on sunshine!!" through her jukebox app. It was news; it was THE news. The first step, well technically the second MAJOR step (as I consider FIT the first), towards defining my future in this industry. This was it; this is IT. Now if you'll excuse me I have a closet to attend to, as I only have two months to find outfit perfection, a blink of an eye in fashion time. 

Check out the official Teen Vogue FashionU website here for all the dets!

(A few photographs taken for my Teen Vogue FashionU application)

Hello Gorgeous, I'll be seeing you this fall!

Alexandra Victoria

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