Sunday, November 11, 2012


Photographed by ANNIE LEIBOVITZ

If you know anything about me besides my obsessive love for a well-spun top knot, than you know of the monstrous space in my heart reserved for the mesmerizing pages of my favorite fashion magazines. It will never seize to amaze me how a well-written piece can keep your mind reeling or a beautiful editorial can leave you in a drooling gaze for hours. It's like a drug, only more powerful. Every month I cannot wait another second for the mail man to pour my load of magazines into my microscopic mailbox. Now, of course once I wrestle with the old lock and break a sweat, or five trying to pull them all out into my arms, I'd say the vast majority of the ten or so are crinkled, bent, or torn but, they are here, they are mine. After months of planning, writing, shooting, and editing the blood, sweat, and tears all all of the editors, photographers, writers, and creative geniuses is finally at my doorstep, waiting for me to rip them open and feed my fashion-appetite. It's quite a beautiful thing, really.  With that being said, my all time favorite editorial spread that I want to share with all of you comes straight from American Vogue, the December 2003 issue. It tells the story of Alice's journey in Wonderland, with a full cast of fashion influentials and legends as the lead characters, from Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Donatella Versace. Pure genius, I'm aware. And of course, it just wouldn't be complete without a little Lagerfeld action, yes, you know who I'm talking about, Sir Karl himself. Or John Galliano as the Queen of Hearts, ridiculous yet so necessary.

Take a look, just make sure you have something to catch your drool, you'll need it. Trust me.

 Don't you just wanna go lay in a pasture in a couture now? I feel ya, damn you bipolar winter, damn you.

 What I would do to get my hands on this issue. You will be in my hands one day. One day, very soon, I'm sure of it. C'mon ebay, work your wonders baby.

Stay sweet, and stay warm for goodness sake!

All photo credit from TrendLand- right here!

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