Thursday, October 18, 2012


Ten-Hut! How's everyone's Thursday? Thanking the Lord tomorrow is Friday? ME TOO! Today's outfit was really inspired by the image of a funky cadet ready to take on the world (or you know, school, drama, bugs, whatever!) and lead her troops down the runway. Fall is finally in the air here in the city, YAYAYAYAY and you know what that means (aside from pumpkin spice lattes and leather jackets?) SWEATERS, SWEATERS, SWEATERS...LAYERS, LAYERS, LAYERS! Fall, we salute you. Life has really been moving fast lately and I feel like I am constantly running around from class, to work, to club meetings, and back, but I'll tell you, I kinda like it. Being busy is the best state to be because it makes everything even more exciting. Speaking of running around, I recently landed an internship with an amazingly chic clothing brand, ADDISON (aka The Addison Story) and I think I've fallen in love with working there, and you know their clothes are a plus too. How necessary is this sweater dress? It's warm, and cozy, and makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Don't you just love that feeling?  Oh! and before I forget, these pictures were shot by my amazingly talented roommate, Victoria D'Esposito, check out her rants right here! She's quite entertaining. Till next time, lovelies!

This was a shot taken as I was practicing "popping" my foot for my dream kiss in the rain with James Franco. Ok, we can all go on with our lives now. 

Alien invasion up in the N-Y-C, ya feel me?

This is possible the raddest little pumpkin i've ever held. Too bad it wouldn't fit in my purse... you can't win em all, can you?

Sweater Dress- ADDISON, check out The Addison Story, here!
Air Force Military Jacket- Thanks daddy <3
Leather Leggings- Necessary Clothing
Aztec Print Wedges- Jeffery Campbell, available here!
Rings- "Thanks mom!"

Insta/Twitter: @ayyorivera

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