Saturday, October 20, 2012


I could NOT keep those darn paps off me today at Teen Vogue's very own Fashion University held at Hudson Theatre and TV's Conde Nast office. It was a day filled with a million fashion-obsessed girls who all share the dream of making it in the industry, long lines, stampedes of teenage fashionistas sprinting to get the best seats (I'm not even exaggerating, I fell three times), amazing industry influentials, and lots and lots of industry talk. Let's just say it was an amazing first day, and I can't wait to go back tomorrow! Let's just say I was photographed, gifted some amazing freebies, and was told I look like Leandra Medine! It was just as amazing, if not more, than it sounds. This experience really reassured me that moving to New York City to pursue fashion is the best decision I could have ever made towards moving closer and closer to my ambitions and career goals. Three cheers (mock-tails of course!) to Teen Vogue for putting on such a great day of events and making all of the fashion-obsessed boys and girls from across the country that our dreams are well within reach. We salute you. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my oxblood-red, glitterized heart.  

Demi Lovato's November 2012 Cover! I really loved her spread and how naturally and effortlessly she was shot, it was a vintage-urban feel that left me mesmerized. Have you picked up your copy? After today I now have three! Time to get- Inspiration boarding!

The legend herself, Vogue's creative Director, Grace Coddington, literally graced us with her presence this morning and told all her worshippers all about how she got started in the industry and shared some of her amazing work in Vogue. She truly is extraordinary. I cannot wait to read her new book, Grace: A Memoir, when it gets delivered to my doorstep just next month! Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? You can right here. Trust me, this is a must read. She is so inquisitive and classic, it was an honor to be in her presence this morning, it almost didn't feel real. 

Meet my newly blonde bff, Ms Erika Bearman aka Oscar PR Girl! Her talk was my favorite seminar of the year, and I got a front row view of her true radiance and beauty! She was mesmerizing to listen to, and I hope to meet her again. Who else can rock a velvet maxi like her? Exactly, no one can. 

Even fashionistas have to eat every now and then (unless your me, because I never STOP eating!) But for lunch today I went for a chicken salad sandwich with dried cranberries and celery and a refreshing passion tea! So yum, so so yum! Can I get another?

Last seminar of the day was with the amazing Teen Vogue Editorial team! Do I even have to explain? They are so MAJOR and today really just reminded me why I am where I am, that my dreams aren't as far away as I may think, and that I can do what I love with a whole lot of ambition and initiative.


Today I woke up and thought: Let's mix every possible texture in my closet and mix it all together to a mess of an outfit that I just so happen to be in love with...

Basically for this day long fashion crazed, fun-filled day I went with a look that is one I feel really defines my personal style and my personality. Which is perfection because when you're surrounded by fashion influentials and fellow fashionistas from across the country it's good to show that you have a strong point of view, and in my case a bright, fun, yet chic aesthetic when it comes to fashion. Here I really was channeling my inner Man Repeller with this furry, almost obnoxiously loud teal and yellow palette combination. Because who doesn't love a good ruffle and nice shag? So the look is really prep girl meets motorcycle gang, and I'm kind of obsessed. A good lace can make you feel so girly and chic, yet throw in some leather and chains, and you can really call yourself a package deal. Vroom Vroom. As you've probably noticed I was not rocking THE MESSY BUN this sunny afternoon (GASP!) and I actually took the time to tame the beast atop my head, 2 hours, and 5 different cremes later. This is a special treat for you new readers, yes, Alex does in fact put in some hairy effort, but only on rare occasions. I figured Teen Vogue deserved this honor, because it truly is just that an honor. You may now bow down to my horse mane, and chant that the bun makes an exclusive return TVFU Day #2!

Teal Shag Sweater- H&M, Similar here!
Neon Ruffle Bib- H&M, Similar here!

Vintage Sheer Lace Dress- ALICE by Temperley, similar here!

 Leather Moto Boots- H&M, Similar here!

Check out all things TEEN VOGUE FASHION U on Teen Vogue's website!



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