Monday, October 22, 2012


Luxury designer, Prabal Gurung (pronounced Prub-ble Ger-rung) who also happened to be a guest speaker this weekend at Teen Vogue Fashion U in New York City has officially announced his clothing and accessories collaboration with Target! All us fashionistas on a budget can now take a big sigh of relief as price points will range from $19.99-$199.00, does it get much better? I think not. The collection will debut in Target stores around the country on February 10, so get your credit cards ready, polish your comfiest mob rushing flats, and prepare for an influx of modern glamour and beauty to take over everyone's favorite, Tarjay, in stores very soon!

Prabal Gurung (@prabalgurung) with Teen Vogue's Fashion Director, Gloria Baume at his seminar with over 500 aspiring fashion editors, designers, stylists, and fashion industry professionals. 

Look at you, working that brown carpet, sir. Looking good!

Here are a few of my favorite looks from his current and previous collections so you can really get a taste for the perfection that will finally be available to his wider, very much awe-struck audience come this winter, just in time for the warmer, brighter months!

Spring 2013 RTW Collection:

Vivid metallics, a new age of menswear, and the perfect amount of ruffles.

Resort 2013 Collection:

Bright, bold colors, geometric radiance, and structural elegance at its best. 

WHO IS READY, NOW? Can I get an AMEN to the fashion gods?

Now, I'm curious, what are your opinions on these type of so called "fast brands" in stores such as J. Crew, Target, and H&M? Do you think it's almost a rite of passage for younger designers? Or do you think they should stick to their typical craft?
Comment and Let me know!

Check out Prabal Gurung: // @prabalgurung //


(Teen Vogue Fashion U Photos taken from, right here)
(Prabal Gurung Collection Photo taken from, right here & here)


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  2. Great post. that grey frilly dress is perfection. I actually like his color combos too - and I'm not a huge color person all the time.

    At first I thought the fast fashion brand collabs were dumb, but I think they're growing on me. It really allows you to pick and choose what random look you want to try out for a bit without breaking the bank. I think then, if you're really in love, you'll invest in the real thing, But why spent 1,000 on something that's not a classic that can be reworn. If you find yourself wearing it every day, you know the investment's worth it.

    Love the articles you've chosen to post here from PG. Great representation of his brand - really a diverse offering.


  3. Thank you for checking out the blog, I really appreciate it and all your thoughts.

    I completely agree with you about the fast brands. I think they are a great way for young designers and really any designer to expand their brand and aesthetic to a larger, more diverse audience too. Rather than just say the people who know a lot about fashion and designers, it gives a lot of different people knowledge of designers they may have never heard of, and maybe lead them to one day spend the big bucks they may not have right now, later in life on one of their pieces, or multiple pieces. I think all in all, these types of brands appearing in stores like H&M, Kohels, or Target, allows the designer to expand their name, which like you said would lead to people investing in the future.

    Thank you again, PG is a definite favorite, if only I could afford his clothing... oh wait! Can it be february already? haha


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    1. Thank you so much <3 I would love to follow each other, I love me some Espana! Went to Madrid over the summer, fell in love!